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A law suit against you from wrongful or negligent advice, or errors and omissions could seriously affect your financial position if you find you have to defend any action against you, your business or firm. The affects on your reputation could be far reaching and may result in a loss of customers or clients and consequently earnings, if your case becomes common knowledge or is advertised in the media.
We have the knowledge and the experience to provide the appropriate breadth of cover and meet the individual needs of various professions.
Our client portfolio includes:


• Accountants,
• Attorneys,
• Architects,
• Quantity Surveyors,
• Project Managers,
• Engineers, Intermediaries,
And other Specialist Industries.
Peace of mind:
Professional Indemnity Insurance will provide that peace of mind and protect you and your business against any such lawsuit. Insurers will take over the defense of any such matter against you.
As it is such a specialized type of insurance and every profession is different with various risks involved in
the particular business, Insurers will require more specific information in order to underwrite your ‘risk’ and
provide a suitable quotation. Liability Insurance may initially seem quite expensive but if you are prepared to
accept a higher deductible i.e. Self Insurance, premium discounts may be negotiated.
Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity insurance for a range of activities including the following:
• Advertising
• Arbitrators, Mediators
• Claims adjustors and administrators
• Employment agents
• Graphic Designers
• Interpreters/translators
• Management consultants
• Market research
• Public relation firms
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