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Whether you own a B&B, a Guest House, a Self Catering Facility, a Backpackers, a Caravan Park or a Holiday Home, Yourinsurance Brokers have an insurance policy to meet your specific requirements.

We understand your insurance needs and that is why our product includes options to insure:
Buildings: Covering damage to buildings, sporting and recreational structures, landlord's fixtures and fittings, walls (except dam walls), gates, posts, fences, tarred or paved roads, driveways, paths or parking areas. You should always ensure that you cover your Buildings for the full REBUILD value as average will apply to this section.
How to calculate the correct Sum Insured for buildings:
Determine the current basic building costs for a particular type of building, add a percentage (15%) for Professional fees e.g. architects or quantity surveyors, include a percentage for Debris Removal (20%), consider Municipal Plans Scrutiny costs e.g. upgrading of fire security or Health regulations etc., include VAT and take into account for the increase in costs of materials from suppliers, should the building be damaged by an insured peril just prior to renewal next year.


Contents: Covers loss or damage to property insured on both the personal and business aspects of the establishment. This section is not subject to forcible/violent entry of exit. There are many extensions automatically included in this section.
You should always ensure that you cover your Contents for the full value as average will apply to this section. We have inventory forms available to assist you in determining the replacement value of your Contents
Business Interruption: A loss under the Fire Section could result in a drop in turnover. This section provides cover for Standing charges and Net profit of the business until you are able to continue trading as you were immediately prior to the loss. The cover is far more extensive than a standard commercial policy, including interruption caused from Shark attacks, death of a key person, cancellation of an event, failure of essential equipment.


Liability: Liability limits under this section can be insured for up to R100,000,000.
Medical Evacuation: Emergency medical treatment for a guest as a result of accidental bodily injury.


Money: Loss of or damage in respect of cash at the premises (during a hold up) or in transit to or from the bank.
All Risk: Loss or damage to cell phones, cameras etc. Please review the replacement value of your all risk items and ensure that you are satisfied that the values specified for each item are the current replacement value of that specified item.
Computer/Electronic Equipment: Physical loss of or damage to the insured property described in the schedule from any cause not hereinafter excluded whilst contained anywhere within the insured's premises. Please assess the total sum insured and List of Specified items and ensure that all equipment you require insured under here is specified correctly and that new equipment has been included. Computers, printers, software packages, scanners, dongles, fax and photocopiers, PABX telephone systems should all be specified under this section.


Motor: Comprehensive/ Third Party, Fire & Theft or Third party only. Please review the retail value of your motor vehicles and ensure that you are satisfied that the values specified are adequate.
Extended Liability: Where you are transporting non-guests for a fee (eg: tours and shuttle services).


Appliance Cover: Repair of General large appliances.


Household Motors: Repair of Household motors eg: pool motor/gate motor.


Whether you are paying premiums monthly by Debit Order or Annually in advance, your policies are reviewed at least once a year to ascertain that the correct cover is in place and that Sums Insured under all relevant sections are adequate for Insurance purposes.
We, as your brokers are there to guide and assist you and have the knowledge and experience on what is required by your Insurers at inception of cover so that unnecessary delays and inconvenience is avoided once you have suffered a loss and wish to submit a claim.
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