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Poking holes in the pain dilemma -
The dry needling debate


Dry needling, is when a thin needle is strategically inserted into or near trigger points, prompting muscle contractions and twitches, ultimately leading to pain relief and improved range of motion. This therapeutic approach aims to alleviate pain and address movement issues associated with myofascial...

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Cybercrime on the rise


There are policies available covering reimbursement (ONLY) for money fraudulently transferred or withdrawn from your bank accounts.

The importance of documented informed consent


In South Africa, patient consent holds significant importance in medical practice, and there are legal
requirements for medical professionals to obtain signed consent from their patients. This is a fundamental
aspect of patient autonomy and rights...

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Shedding light on solar insurance - educating brokers to assist clients in making informed decisions


Over the course of the last few years, insurers within the short-term insurance

space, have been bombarded with clients adding solar installations to their

property. Each insurer seems to take...

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Business Interruption 


Although your assets may be covered under an insured section against fire, explosion, storms, water, hail, lightning, or Riot & Strike for physical damage, the effects on your business and the consequential loss whilst you are not trading could severely affect your turnover and profits.

Rain Storm
POPIA – Fact Sheet and Guidance Note for Healthcare Providers


Compliance with the POPI Act may seem like a daunting task.  One of our Medical Malpractice Insurers, iToo in association with Hollard Insurance Company and in collaboration with Webber Wentzel have compiled the attached Fact Sheet and Guidance Note for Healthcare providers.

Spring Home Maintenance Tips


Did you know, that 70% of all claims that are rejected by insurance companies are due to bad maintenance such as a lack of waterproofing or rising damp. Spring time provides the perfect opportunity to address those problem areas in and around your home.

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Medical Practice,
Record Keeping &
Patient Engagement


In most cases it has been found that the records of medical professions and hospitals are incorrect, incomplete or illegible, if they do exist.

This situation may be problematic for a practitioner who may be cited as a party in litigation proceedings or may have a complaint lodged against them at the relevant statutory/ regulatory body.

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